Students and Staff Stop an Indiana School Shooting before It Can Happen

School Shooting

Students and staff members from Jennings County High School are being applauded for stopping a potential school shooting on September 18, 2015.

Students and staff members from Jennings County High School in North Vernon, Indiana are being applauded by police for their actions in stopping a potential school shooting on September 18, 2015. School administrators were alerted by students two days prior to several troubling comments – some on social media and others face to face – threatening to shoot up a high school event. The school immediately launched an investigation with authorities.

“It all boils down to the bravery of the students that came to the school officials that kind of broke it up,” said Sergeant Andrew Richmond with the North Vernon Police Department. “Those threats were to make a specific attack with a firearm by two students.”

The students involved in the potential school shooting, both 16 years old, were arrested and are being held in a juvenile detention facility. They both face preliminary charges of felony intimidation.

This just goes to show the power of Threat Assessment – a proactive approach based on the fact that most incidents of targeted violence are premeditated and that there are warning signs that could alert school officials, teachers, or parents of impending danger. However, it is important to note that threat assessment is based on facts not just characteristics, traits, or assumptions.

“You can’t always use prior disciplinary issues as an indicator of future violence,” said Sergeant Richmond. For instance, school officials said the two students involved in the Jennings County High School incident did not have a previous history of behavior issues.

With proper training, we can expect more results like those above.

“It is only through proactive, positive interventions with our youth, identifying conditions early on through behavioral observations and assessments, that we will be able to prevent the manifestation of threat-related behavior later in life,” said Jason Wells of Defender Training and Consulting L.L.C. “We can stop these violent acts, but we must do it correctly!”

Threat Assessment Training with Defender L.L.C.

Our system is called OA2, which stands for Observe, Assess, and Act. We train educators, parents/guardians, and school staffs to recognize certain warning signs and address these issues in a positive and proactive environment. It’s a one-day training that is offered to all teachers and staff, as well as parents and anyone else who wishes to be involved. It is our belief that proactive assessments and positive interventions are the best tools for our children’s promising development.

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Defender LLC is a privately operated, woman-owned business that proudly employs veterans of the U.S. Military to provide schools the best in threat assessment training.

If you have any questions about Threat Assessment Training and how it can stop a potential School Shooting, please contact Defender, L.L.C. by calling 410-381-8003. We believe a proactive approach to be the best tool in the fight against school violence.

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