Another Bad News Day

I don’t subscribe to the world being as bad as the media portrays it to be. This week alone, I turned on the national news and was riddled with reports of the tragic attacks in Brussels at the hands of radical terrorists; I switched the channel to my local news and the first story I saw was about two people who had been killed in an automobile accident a few miles from my home; I turned off the television and took my chances on the internet…. Big mistake. I was overwhelmed with political mud-slinging between presidential candidates. It was the kind of vitriol one would expect from elementary school children during recess, not individuals vying for the most important office in the world. If the media and other outlets had their way, they would convince us all that the world was an absolute mess. That we, the human race, was nothing short of a total failure.

Many people believe this; they believe what they see and what they read. I further believe that it affects us to extremes, and this can be dangerous. There is no higher statistic of potential threat-related violence in a person than when that person experiences a sudden change for the worse in their lives. It pushes them over the edge, it makes them lose all hope in humanity, and their response is known to be violent. The U.S. Secret Service Safe School Initiative reported that an astonishing 98% of individuals involved with active shooter violence in schools had some kind of negative change in their lives prior to their attack. 98%! Something like losing a job, a divorce, public humiliation and loss of a loved one could all be considered contributing factors.

If you are experiencing these kinds of sudden changes, then talk to someone. Reach out for help. The world is full of organizations that are ready and willing to assist people in their time of need. If you know someone who is being affected by changes in their lives, make the effort to make sure that they are well.

Lastly, don’t let the modern media and social outlets control how you define the world. I’m not taking away from the tragedies that have occurred this week (and the more that we will read about in the future). If you are told long enough that there is nothing worthwhile in our world, you will start to believe it. To that I say: Don’t believe it. There is so much more good than evil here.

Two close friends of my family each had their babies this week. A little girl for my first friend, a little boy for my other. It was the fourth child for the first family, and it was the third child for the second. Neither birth was on the news, only sent to family and friends through our online accounts. Two lovely pictures, babies swaddled in the familiar pink-and-blue striped blankets, resting comfortably with swollen cheeks and closed eyes. Just two babies, newest editions to the world with all the possibilities of making our home a better place one day.

How much better would the world be if the news made that the top story of the day?


Jason Wells is the President and Founder of the National Advancements for Proactive Safety, an educational non-profit organization committed to providing a safe community through intervention processes. He is a former Special Agent with the United States Secret Service, and holds a Masters of Science with highest honors in Strategic Security and Protection Management. Mr. Wells is currently pursuing his doctorate in Strategic Security with a focus on proactive interventions to stop threat-related behavior. He can be contacted at