Stop School Violence Before It Happens

School Violence

Threat assessment is an excellent way to stop school violence before it happens.

The odds that an American student will die as the result of high school violence are roughly one in a million, according to a federal study. Still, the rate of violence in the United States is terrifyingly high, and the students that carry out these not-so-random acts of violence tend to exhibit very specific traits, including mental illness.

“These school shootings destroy the community – not only the people who are left dead after the incident, not only the victims, but also their relatives,” says Dr. Robertz, who studies the kids behind school shootings.

“I think they [students] want to get in touch with us,” Robertz added. “They send us signals along the way.”

The Warning Signs of Targeted School Violence

According to experts, the majority of school shootings are premeditated and, according to Robertz, many students make their intentions public. Some keep private journals or diaries, some make home videos, some talk about their intentions with friends or family, some maintain websites, some write graphic stories for class or even the school newspaper, etc. These warning signs could alert school officials, teachers, or parents of impending danger.  However, many do not know how to recognize such warning signs or what to do even if they become aware of disturbing behavior. The solution: threat assessment.

What is Threat Assessment?

Threat assessment is a proactive method used to evaluate the risk posed by a student or another person to help stop targeted school violence before it happens. Threat assessment is based on the belief that most incidents of targeted violence are premeditated and that there are warning signs that could alert school officials, teachers, or parents of impending danger.

“Any instance of crime or violence at school not only affects the individuals involved but also may disrupt the educational process…,” according to a report conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics and the Bureau of Justice. “Our nation’s schools should be safe havens for teaching and learning free of crime and violence.”

Positive interventions and proactive threat assessment are the best tools for our children’s safety and continued educational development.

Threat Assessment: Stop School Violence Before It Happens

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