Threat Assessment Positively Affects School Safety

An article by the NY Daily News Released just earlier today claims that Safety agents recovered weapons, drugs and other contraband in and around city schools on 355 occasions from July 1 to Nov. 1, records show.” This is a scary statistic, but unfortunately, it’s not just New York schools that have to worry about this. This occurs nationwide at elementary, middle, and high schools, and even colleges.

threat assessment school safety

Threat assessment increases school safety.

But this high number is actually good news. It means safety officials are using threat assessment to target and confront threats. Instead of 355 disasters, there have been 355 confiscations. Without knowing how to identify and handle these threats, it could have been a very different story.

How Does Threat Assessment Affect School Safety?

To put it simply: the more educated staff, parents, and communities are on threat assessment, the less chance there is of traumatic situations. Many times, someone who has a plan to cause trouble with weapons or drugs exhibits detectable behavior. Knowing what to look for allows others to prevent school violence, and protect school safety. This is where threat assessment comes into play.

Threat assessment provides that education, and helps you detect signs and behaviors of a potentially violent student or peer. It leads to more confiscations, and less acts of violence. This is proven time and time again, in situations just like the NY Daily News article.

Know the Signs – Schedule Threat Assessment Training with Defender L.L.C.

“Children deserve a safe setting to learn in. Teachers and staff deserve a safe place to work in. Communities deserve safe schools that educate kids and help keep neighborhoods safer.” – the National Crime Prevention Council


Defender’s OA2 program, which stands for Observe, Assess, and Act®, teaches educators, parents/guardians, and school staff how to recognize the warning signs of school violence and how to address these issues in a positive and proactive manner. The results are for the good of the community, the families and most importantly, the students.

OA2® is a one-day training session (with access to follow-on consulting).


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We will work with your program to find an affordable solution to ensure your staff has the training they need to help keep your students protected.


If you have any questions about Threat Assessment Training and how it can help put a stop to senseless school violence, please contact Defender, L.L.C. by calling 410-381-8003. We believe a proactive approach to be the best tool in the fight against school violence.

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