What is Threat Assessment? How Does It Prevent School Violence?

What Is Threat Assessment

Threat assessment also looks to identify the motivations, credibility and capability of the threats.

While violent acts can seem unpredictable, threat assessment helps to prevent perceived danger from turning into actual school violence.

The popularity of social media has led to an increase in bullying and threats of physical violence. While not every threat will be acted upon, threat assessment takes every situation seriously and gauges the threat level to help prevent school violence.

Student Behavior & Threat Assessment

It’s difficult to predict the behavior of an adult, but it is even more difficult to predict the behavior of children and teens. Children and teens have yet to reach full emotional and mental maturity, so they don’t always realize the consequences of their actions. Studies have found that most high-profile school shootings and school violence is connected to prior planning, and an individual who exercises violence sees it as the only option they have left. Of course, it’s difficult to tell if a child or teen is having a bad day or it’s something bigger, but normally, certain events build up overtime to push individuals to school violence. Threat assessment helps to identify the validity of threats and offers steps to deescalate the situation.

Assessing Threats in School

Threat assessment also looks to identify the motivations, credibility and capability of the threats. Motivations are hard to identify, but analyzing these three aspects help to determine how valid a potential threat is and if it could lead to school violence.

Working Together to Stop School Violence

It’s not pleasant to think about school violence, but it is a reality we all have to live with. There always needs to be a plan in place if school violence were to occur, and having a team trained in threat assessment is critical in minimizing the potential danger of the situation. Schools should also work with students on creating open dialogues about violence prevention. Don’t place yourself in a position where you wished you were more prepared with your threat assessment abilities.

Defender is a privately operated, woman-owned business that proudly employs veterans of the U.S. Military to provide schools the best in threat assessment training. We believe this to be the best tool in the fight against school violence. Threat assessment is a proactive method designed to aid parents, teachers, and school administrators in recognizing the warning signs of school violence, and teach them what to do in the event that a potential risk arises.

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We train educators, school staff, and guardians in proactive threat assessment, focusing on positive behavioral interventions and behavioral assessments.

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