Board of Directors

Jason W. Wells-President, Co-Founder

Jason Wells is a father, former Federal Agent with the United States Secret Service, and a distinguished officer having served honorably in the United States Coast Guard.  Jason left a promising career as a Special Agent to lead our program at NAPS.  With his experience protecting individuals such as Presidents Obama, Bush (’41 and ’43), Clinton and Carter, as well as their families and numerous other V.I.P.’s, Jason’s experience is ideal for driving our mission. He is dedicated to providing a safer national community for all of us by training our parents and teachers in identifying behavioral concerns in children and adults.  In addition to training our community in identifying behavioral indicators of concern, he ensures that there are streamlined reporting systems in our schools and businesses to deal with behavioral issues.  By doing so, we can better our community safety with positive and proactive behavioral interventions and stop tragic violence before it ever occurs.

Jason has a B.A. in English and a Minor in History from the Virginia Military Institute, and holds an M.S. in Strategic Security and Protection Management from Henley Putnam University (Magna Cum Laude). During his tenure, he was inducted as a member into Delta Tau Epsilon Academic Honor Society.   His master’s thesis was a focus on how to strategize and prevent active school violence through proactive interventions, and he is currently pursuing his doctorate in Strategic Security.  In addition, Jason has graduated from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia, as well as the United States Secret Service Special Agent Training Course at the James J. Rowley Training Center in Beltsville, Maryland.  He has been thoroughly trained in the observation and assessment of threat-related behavior, and is the creator of the The OA2 Methodology ®, the system used to train the public to “Observe, Assess, Act” ® on behavioral concerns.


Blythe E.S. Wells-Treasurer, Co-Founder

Blythe Wells is a mother, former civilian with the United States Army Transportation Corps, and a distinguished member of the intelligence community.  Blythe’s experience working as a management consultant for senior staffs across several federal agencies has provided unique experience developing strategies, drafting and implementing policies, budget modeling and forecasting for small to multi-billion dollar organizations.

Blythe has a B.A. in Business Management from Mary Baldwin College (Cum Laude) where she also held an executive position in the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership and was inducted as a member of the Omicron Delta Kappa national leadership honors’ society.  In addition, Blythe brings additional board member experience, having served on the Mary Baldwin College Alumnae/i Board of Directors from 2006-2010.  Blythe was the distinguished graduate of the U.S. Army’s Transportation Officer Basic Course in 2001 as a civilian, earned the Department of the Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service in 2003, was awarded an Outstanding Service Award in 2013 for her work in the intelligence community, and was most recently inducted into the 2015-2016 V.I.P. Woman of the Year Circle by the National Association of Professional Women.


Britton L. Armstrong-Secretary

Britton is a husband, father, a former distinguished Senior Pilot in the United States Air Force (USAF), and current owner of Armstrong Adventures, where he identifies indicators of potential entrepreneurs and coaches, mentors, and develops success traits in those persons. Britton’s 13.5 years as a military officer provide extensive experience with leadership, strategy and the valued expertise that comes with being a combat pilot.

Britton has a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from the Virginia Military Institute (VMI), graduating both as both VMI and an Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Distinguished Graduate. After commissioning in the US Air Force, he went on to serve our great nation as a C-17A and T6-A Instructor Pilot. While providing global support to the warfighter, he protected a $202.3M USAF asset, as well as over twenty thousand lives that he was responsible for during that period as an Instructor Aircraft Commander on both U.S. and foreign soil. Britton is an experienced leader, instructor and coach using Operational Risk Management to identify indicators that could lead to potential unsafe situations in the aircraft. Britton’s training and experience make him more than qualified as a board member to support the mission and vision of NAPS providing proactive safety solutions to our communities.


Wendy F. Armstrong- Director

Wendy is a wife, mother, and a former distinguished officer having served honorably in the United States Air Force. Wendy’s nine years as a military officer bring a great addition to the NAPS team, providing extensive experience that comes from having worked with various threat environments.

Wendy has a B.S. in Computer Science/Mathematics with a minor in Leadership from Mary Baldwin College (MBC) where she also served as second in command of the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL), a corps of well over 100 leaders. Additionally, she was the President of the Army Aviation Association of America chapter at MBC. During her Air Force career she spent many deployments overseas keeping fellow Airmen aware of threats and local situations, ensuring their safety and security. She trained officers in tactics, techniques and procedures to ensure their safety and that of those under their charge. Wendy was hand-selected as the top Officer of the Quarter on multiple occasions for her proactive approach to mitigating threats and identifying solutions for safety. In addition, she participated in annual training in areas such as Suicide Prevention and Awareness, Supervisor Safety, Human Trafficking, Operational Security, Force Protection, Operational Risk Management, and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response. Wendy is currently a tutor for elementary aged children and is dedicated to ensuring and maintaining a safe and welcoming learning environment for future generations. She is excited to be accomplishing this as a director for NAPS.


C. William Wells- Director

Bill Wells is a father and grandfather with a distinguished federal career of more than thirty years. During his federal career, Bill has worked as a Program Analyst, Program Specialist and National Office Liaison working with the United States Department of State, United States Department of Homeland Security, the United States Department of Transportation Federal Highways Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Drug Administration, as well as the federal governments of Mexico and Canada. Bill has also worked closely with the numerous state and local governments, transportation planning organizations and private citizen advocacy groups. His work has concentrated on the planning for and delivery of federal transportation, safety and security infrastructure projects along the United States’ Northern and Southern borders.

Bill holds a B.S. in Public Administration from George Mason University. His current work focuses on program management for U.S. Courthouse design and construction.

Bill resides in Bowie, Maryland with his wife, Sandra.   Bill is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force.


Advisory Board Members

Dees Stallings, PhD.

James White, Col (Ret) US Air Force

Kelley Rexroad, SPHR, 2015 Tampa Bay Area’s HR Consultant of the Year, Founder, krexconsulting

Richard Slinkard, Lt. Col (Ret) US Army

Whitney Thompson, LCPC

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