Why You Need It

whyyouneeditpicUnfortunately, we live in a society where we have witnessed tragic events of meaningless violence unfold in our schools and communities.  Too often, we ask ourselves how these events could have been avoided.

The professionals at NAPS train members of our community to recognize the indicators in behavior that could lead to serious issues. By identifying these indicators, our community can address these issues in a positive and proactive environment. Whether you are a member of a neighborhood, a school or a business you are part of the community. We want to meet with you and your associates and train you in identifying these behavioral issues.

Our society has become comfortable with reacting to threat-related behavior. We continue to react to active shooters by enforcing gun regulations, we continue to allow school violence without creating systems to identify indicators of threatening behavior in students. And then we wonder why violence continues to occur?


In this day of reactions to senseless violence, isn’t it time for proactive solutions from the community?

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